Thursday, September 10, 2009

Distress 1- Window shopping

Finally, I have finished submitting all my assignments and there's one more presentation to go, this coming Saturday. Business Ethics..

I saw a cute and cuddly cat. I meow, it meow. How adorable. Probably I sounded like one.

Thus, I felt relieved and able to breathe properly but the saddest part was no more goals and deadlines. :D
Now, final exams is even terrifying.

So, the emo in me had emerged. I invited two friends of mine to go for window shopping in bookstores. One make it, but for a short short while (she wants to check the books discounts). The other one couldn't make it due to technical problem in assignment. Thus, I did it by myself. Walk and walk endlessly till the end of an hour. The stupid bookstore plastic-ized those good books and I ended up at the kids corner to recall back my childhood. After touring the bookstore, I walked all the way to toys department. Haha.. I had fun there till the reinforcers stopped me from taking photos.

The Enid Blyton collection. Wee...

Peter and Jane collection

Kids these days are so so fortunate

Ben 10 for 10%

Kids's toys today are so luxury. Gosh! One effing doll.

It's Ernie and Elmo

It's Elmo-mo

Me love Cookie

This one is just a frigging magnet. Look at the price. The reinforcers stopped me from taking pictures.

Next stop, McD for McFlurry and explore the shoes department and supermarket. All in all, it was just a new way for me to distress. It would be even fun if both of them were there. Haha.

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