Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paranoia Attack!

Cahaya Keimanan. LOL

Past 12 am and so I shall regard the day as Yesterday.

I really find blogging is part of my stress killer. Even if it's spouting and crapping, I'm still happy.

Now, let's begin the spouts and craps.

Stupid Bejeweld Blitz. I hadn't even enjoy my high score rank and they renew the whole bloody list just so to let you know, new tournament.

I'm nervous actually but I'm immune to all this baloney shits around me.

People always tell me to study smart but how? Selfish people.

Hours ago, Cutie Lim and I were playing miss calls with each other. Only a room apart. So near, yet so far.

Effort is useless. Break the rules is the only way to survive. I gave 100% but I received 40%.

My coursework marks macam sial so, everything macam sial. I don't have superbrains!

Paranoia has taken me to draw another alternative plan. What if I'm not the one in a million and what should I do to roll the money in? As in I failed my courses. Since it's so bloody worrying, I can't see where I stand in the future.

So, I came up with alternative plans for my future.

  • Sell wantan mee (Rachel's plan)
  • Be the MBMB roadside cleaner (I'm saving the environment)
  • Learn to rare pigs (Sorry but I love pigs more than chickens)
  • Be a noctorious pickpocket
  • Be a con woman like LEVERAGE
  • Rob the bank
  • Wedding photographer (Fulfilling my wildest dream)
  • Cari anak orang kaya (siapa?)
  • Drug lord (Just like the movie Protege by Andy Lau and Daniel Wu)
Yea, that's the only thing I can think of. Anymore?

Dad's car broke down and I don't have my transport to bring me out. In the end, I stayed at home sleeping while revising. Playing while revising. FML.

I love my current room so much. Neatly Untidy. I still don't fancy PINK.


SJ said...

hey wantan mee not so bad la..i will definitely be one of your regular customers!

From me to you, suejean =)

Dani- Elle said...

i hope u will like my wantan mee. i'm a bad cook. ;)