Friday, September 11, 2009

Heels to Pasar Malam

I went to Pasar Malam with mum and there's this Rojak tauke niu that usually sell rojak in my taman's pasar malam. She recognized me and told me that I dressed up and look nice today. It's just a blouse and a pants... urm... I wore high heels Pasar Malam. I think she spotted me wearing high heels and made such remarks.

Sayangnya my heels.

I swear in the name of my heels that I only wear it for some important occassions but today was due to my beloved sandals.

My sandals' strap had broke! It leave me to no choice but to wear heels to Pasar Malam.

Mourning my sandals.

Oooh, kids nowadays are getting smarter... Or is it girls are always girls???

So, I spotted a short drama on primary school girls. Primary 4 I think.

Group A: 2 girls (they look slightly mature than their average age)
Group B: 3 girls (they look like at their age but slightly shorter)

Group A was complaining about something regarding their class and their classmates. Then, Group B was chatting happily among each other. Then, while both of the groups were walking and they slowly bumped to each other.

Surprisingly, both of the groups scolded each other, showing their misbehavior popular girls attitude and began to gossip about bitches and being the threat in the class.

Fantastic show of the day. It awed me of course as during back days, we don't behave that way.

My last presentation: tomorrow, 5pm. Of all, why are we placed the last group to present??? The case of time torture.

I so wanna be Naima and not Kathleen when it comes to academic affair.

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