Friday, September 4, 2009

It's almost towards the weekend already. Time, this week had been flying very fast or is it maybe due to the hectic activities that distracted me away from the time?

Nevertheless, I am proud to declare that I'm soon-to-be an optimist. All those misfortunes that had occurred on me few days ago, it did not buried any negative chi in me. Instead, I looked forward for those upcoming 'surprises'. I admit that those misfortunes had drag me to the state of devastation...maybe a second. The next second, I don't care la. Oh, misfortunes such as... the upcoming posts with exclusive pictures. Haha..

Thus, what else could I asked for more, misfortunes exchange for lessons. Not a sweet lesson though and it costs my time, money, sweats and bloods.

Thanks to those people who changed my perceptions especially advising me to dismantle my sentimental value that had kaput.

Ah, the movie had brought me to tears again even though it's another repetition of my favourites. Never fail by a single chance.

I want to have my desserts in Zen.
I want to be amaze by the eerie scenes in The Final Destination.
I want to search and eat good food.
I want to maximize my car's speaker volume. (odd)

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