Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pantai Puteri is such a Deja Vu when I'm so cuckoo-ed.

This is my cuckoo-ed pose

Yesterday was just another day for me to whine on my determination to study. It's a minor success which I locked myself in the room with water, my mobile phone and papers scattering everywhere. I got so cuckoo-ed by staring at those pathetic notes that I have till I spent my time doing something whimsical and nonsense. Plus, I even daydreamed so much till I forgotten the precious time. Let me tell you, my imagination and hallucination was fantastic till I refused to wake up. Haha.

I even sang to the flower (I still don't know where to put!)

Later in the evening, dad proposed the whole family to hunt for food till Muar yet due to the time consuming of travelling, we decided to hang out in Pantai Puteri.

Just For U found at the beach

It freaked me out after we reached the beach. Two days ago, Nik and I were so excitingly to list down all the cool fun stuff to do for our new semester (thanks to our newly arrange 'perfect' timetable). So, one of our plans is watching sunset in Pantai Puteri with Roti John in our mouth before enter the night class. Deja Vu.

Two Monkeys that hacked into my FB account just to steal things in Restaurant City.

Genius Lim: *inhale deeply* I'm a Man Now!

Upon reaching the beach, I started running and jumping gleefully as if I've not been there for long long time. Yea, it's been a while I didn't visit any beach. Unfortunately, it's cloudy day and I hardly see any sunset, not even one frigging sun ray. Sadly, trash can be seen at the seaside and it was a hard time for me to take pictures but the smell of the sea breeze stood out. Yeah! I can't wait for the new semester to come! Weee...

Then we headed to Seafarer for dinner, I must say the atmosphere and the view is nice (if you know where to get for the best view) but I really have to say that the menu was my least expected. I don't like and so does the family. Too bad, we were too hungry. Expensive some more!

See the blue light... Guess.

The Seafarer

Here's one friendly advice, to those couple who are out of ideas to hang out, I suggest Seafarer would be the best choice for romantic dinner. Plus, they also provide water sports... banana boat. Fun. I've been there during my form 5. Who wants to join me for water sports?

We used the kampung road to go back home, just to see the atmosphere of Hari Raya. Similar like Chinese New Year except for the lampu pelita that was lit outside the house. It brings back the memories and countdowns for CNY. Ooo... I'm going to balik kampung today too. In hours time... Kelly is in the house. Weee....

My Whimsical anti distraction

I really want to sob over my notes. Serious shit, I can't finish dowh!

P/S: Please check out my previous post on Jason Mraz. Edited.

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