Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye rocks the VMA. Definitely. Love Lockdown.

The VMA's another best moment of all.

Kanye West did it again and this time he had turned himself the badass. I felt so sorry for him but he's brave anyway. Funnily, even Hitz.fm had put this day as Ban Kanye West Day so they banned his songs and his song's production. I'm like... what the fuck! Come on lar... Hitz.fm is even childish or maybe attracting attention of listeners. That still doesn't buy my ears and which is why I switch to Fly.fm. The songs they play in Hitz are getting ... they suck. Overrated. I am not siding Taylor or Kanye but I still think Kanye rocks. Taylor is overrated. She's too sweet for my liking. Gosh.. why la people disses Kanye? To me it is obvious that they could have staged it between Kanye and Taylor while Beyonce is the calla fare. Hmm.. just like the Bruno's ass in Eminem's face. Haha... I am siding Kanye now and he already apologized. Sweet. Catch his blog on the VMA. Hilarious. Should look at Taylor's chuak face!


Patrick Swayze is now lay in peace at the age of 57. While I was stumbling for videos of VMA on Kanye, I saw this remark at the comment box in one of the videos.

You Patrick Swayze, I know. you just died and all and Im gonna let you finish. But Michael Jacksons Death was the best one this year!
From, Kanye West.

Now, I admired Patrick for some reason, he embraced death with a big big big heart. He refused to accept anymore treatments or therapies to save his last life... save cost and save the burden.

"I'm a miracle, dude. I don't know why," Swayze quoted

I shall remember him as the guy whose brave to embrace death and not some guy in the claypot scene of the 'Ghost'.

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