Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pidini and Bonoa Models

So, my dream of modeling continues informally but with a couple of models as well. We are the models of Pidini and Bonoa. I'm just the amateur model.

The photoshoot begins from the stairs


The carpark

Group photos

Single photoshoot

The Raya version

Near the field

I look pregnant here.

This shoot makes my leg looks slimmer.

The tre3 shot

Originally, we were having presentation on last Saturday and the very last group to present. Since we have so much time while waiting, we decided to decorate our CD cover for our lecturer with many wishes upon Hari Raya.

After presenting, Nik, Nisak, Meera and I went for photoshooting for memories. Gawd... it was hilarious and fun. I swear the photos make me laugh for so long. Can't believe we actually did that...

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