Thursday, September 10, 2009


Alright, let me recall what did I do yesterday... 09.09.09.. just another ordinary day but due to the uniqueness of the number combinations which is why it's 'extra'ordinary day. *Pfft*.
What was I hoping for???
Money fell down from the sky
Strike 4D
Some hot guys propose to me
Treat me like a queen for the day
Uh.. that's just the dream. So call 'special' day.

So, yesterday morning, I had my breakfast with Oprah Winfrey with special guest, Forest Whitaker on 'Last King Of Scotland'. I just love to turn new movies to my classic way. Who wants to join me for 'Last King Of Scotland'? I have the DVD two years ago and I have not watch it yet. Forest Whitaker rocks!

My friends who are in International Business course had held event upon their subject. Thus, I went there to drop by and see surprises. The venue's music background was playing Michael Jackson's song for an hour, I think. I took pictures with them, laughed with them, went 'dry my purse' by myself. *Skip Skip Skip*

My presentation, the second last presentation. It was all cool and chill. Usually, I'll prepare my script but I have no time to prepare and memorize the script. Then, there I was... spontaneously present with limited students in the class. Less than 15 students.

My brother and I went all the way to Bukit Baru post office to find out that the poslaju must be retrieve from Malim. FML. Esok Kirim, Hari Ini Sampai.

Rush and hustle my freaking 2134 report. Yet, I still can't believe we exceeded pages that we had least expected. 200++ pages. Not till I found out that the references section is such a troublesome and the due date is 10/9. Eeeks..

I want to thank my IB friend for the ticket. The show.. was not bad... ok. Yet, shouting, cheering and clapping was the best part although the performances was just so so. Non sensible acts to act. We were partying all the way back. Kick balloons. Steal balloons. Grooving at the back. What made me disappointed was the live band. Gawd.. that start off with Green Day '21 Guns' which is a bad start. They should have started it with Blink 182 songs. It pulled me down from my disco ball. The high fever continues while I was driving home. No safety belt on through out the whole journey and 'I want you back'- Remix from Mix FM was awesome. Then, a call from my friend... too late la... almost reaching home la.

Then, dad had bought porridge for me but the tummy is still filled. Buddha says don't waste food. While I was eating, I waited for my teammates to send me their part as I'm the only one that has the file converter. I waited till 2 freaking a.m. and my class started at 9 a.m. Finally, all done. Thank you very much to my teammates for finishing it amazingly. We took a week to finish it. I'm so proud!

So, that's how I spend my 090909 till 100909. Ahaks~

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