Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm not a fussy nor a picky eater and I love FOOD. But, when it comes to breakfast drink, I might be a little fussy. Every morning, what's anticipating from my morning goodness is my MILO! Yesh! To make a cup of HOT MILO, the proportions of the powder and water must be in perfectly well measure. Being a typical Malaysian, I love it in thick and rich.




Every morning, I would make my own MILO with a yawn and a joy at the same time. The reason I love my frigging MILO so much it's because... I can survive my MILO without condensed milk and sugar... the coffee mate in the MILO is superb. Yea, coffee mate in MILO. My favourite yo'. The only time I consume coffee is during wee hours and tension hours but MILO make a kick start of my day. Good MILO, Good DAY.

I have to insist that my MILO has to have coffee mate inside and without that I won't drink anything else. I can skip my staple food but I can't skip my hot drink. Besides, I dislike drinking my MILO yang dibancuh oleh orang lain. I like mine the best. Even my tea has to put coffee mate that enhance the thickness and the blandness of the drink.

The coffee mate is running out SOON!

WARNING: It can be addictive.


C.V said...

Milo with CoffeeMate.
This is my first time encounter such thing.
Will give it a try. ;-)

danielle said...

you should. drink it without condensed milk or sugar for stronger and extra richness of coffeemate. :D

Fairuddin said...

hi, you should try milo+susu pekat manis+ susu cair ideal ratio 1:1:0.5 :)