Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sondre Lerche

Last night, I had a misfortune of dreams and funnily, I turned out to be smiling my day. No idea what was it.

I found these songs by accident through movies. Oh well, it's already on the video and I don't have to say it. Finally, I came to acknowledge this talented singer, Sondre Lerche, a Norwegian. If you like Jazz or indie rock, this goes along with your tea.

Dan in Real Life is a good movie which of course you want to learn on parenting skills, looking at the hot French main actress and Rhode Island.

The first song is so cheerful which goes along with the title 'To be Surprised'. The opening of the song illustrates my long journeys with convertible car that complements with the jolly sun. The unique instruments that had tangled all the way with other instruments made me smiled.

The second song, fine and cool. I illustrated myself with starting my new day with a cereal and orange juice on hand, watching birds fly across in my apartment. Then, off for a new day.

The third song made me realized how pathetic and clumsy my life was... at least the music rhythms projected it this way.

P/S: Apart from the movie 'Twilight', Ocean's 11 had used Claire de Lune as well.

I really did picked up some stuff from movie, didn't I?


VanillaSeven said...

I have Sondre Lerche & the faces down quartet album. It's a beautiful composition, especially when he sing "Night and Day" on track 6. Glad to meet someone who can appreciate same music genre :)

瑜颖 said...

Cool.. I've got a companion. At least, I wasn't listening to songs that no one knows. Ahaks. Thanks.