Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just some craps when dad stole my channels. Ahaks

I was watching Merlin and dad came to switch the channel away, this explains why am I here.

Let's talk about my sweet dreams and beautiful nightmare that keep recurring lately. As days passed by, particular scenes had reoccurred which sort of like a deja vu.

Older folks told me that's because I watched too much of TV or I played too much. Their hypotheses was rejected lor. According to the scientific theory, there's something relating to the REM (rapid eye movement).... ahh... screw sciences.

The old wives tales is just a myth, I've lessen my amount of time with the idiot box and I've been inactive ever since after puberty. I do feel tired after making those non sensible dreams and nightmares.

Last week, for freaking 7 nights, I had dreams and nightmares consecutively and those dreams are fantastic.

Let's see there's fantasies, horrors, ghosts, fears, and colors.

Colors, right, I ain't a big fan of pink color and I really do sort of, kinda, maybe hate pink. How ironic, my dreams filled with pink and it's a nightmare to me!!! I was facing ladies with pink color items on them and pink is everywhere!!!

Blue is my favorite color (but I own more green items than blue) and the blue resembles tsunami, instead of dirty brown seawaters but it's clear blue or turquoise like the swimming pool. And so the whole world was soaked with that blue.

Ghosts... numerous times and they get freaky each dream. It's like they level up or something.

But the oddest one was Taylor Lautner 'guest appearance' in my dream last night... I have to admit, I was watching Twilight and New Moon for spotting the differences game on Jacob. Thus, I have to finally admit that the old wive tales is accepted. By the way, Taylor Lautner looks so much better without doing extensive of spikes on his hair. He's got the shoulder broadness, according to my measurement.

Ok, dad gone to sleep. I'm back for Merlin.

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