Thursday, January 28, 2010

I need Ogawa or Osim or any massage devices!

Another tiring day,

I woke up at 8am and awaiting for 10am feels like 12pm.

It's my longest morning in my life.

Unprepared to be acknowledge by all the surroundings.

'Surprises' never fail to pop in and leave miseries for me.

"The good days are coming soon, really soon" is a chant for me.

Chewing gum has also became my new stress reliever.

The scorching sun has been a 'great' companion.

Butterflies constantly appear and flying around.

It's too beautiful.

The hill is serene at the moment, crickets sounds are sufficient to fill the atmosphere.

Before the door close, thinking I am stronger.

The moment the door close, my tears couldn't help but to roll down.

I lied to myself.

Too much to handle.

It was a brief torture for emotions.

RIP, my last respect for the very last time.

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