Saturday, January 9, 2010

Laser song from Ocean's Twelve


Tiring day indeed, I got to do the house chores the most today and it made me felt even older. My pancake brunch was a success and blissful.

I made my own batter without buying the pre- mix flour and for once I got it right. Proud!

Typically, I ate it with butter and honey, the house is out of jam and ice cream. Besides, my golden coins are cinnamon flavored, my love for cinnamon. Imagine, I'm eating my pancakes with my favourite sitcoms. How good can it gets???

Just so bloody tired and I couldn't think of any movies to watch. Queen of Langkasuka?? Any Thai movies?

Besides listening to Dan In Real Life soundtrack, I'm also listening to Paramore- I caught myself and Ocean's Twelve Laser Song (the audiences named it) Thé à la Menthe -La Caution- Instrumental.

Ocean's Trilogy... how George Clooney maintained his wits with style?
How Brad Pitt got his shoulders broadness perfect?
Why Bernie Mac died early?
How Matt Damon outsmart George Clooney in the trilogies?
How Vincent Cassel made his way out of the laser room perfectly? (Monica Bellucci's husband)
How this team pull their asses off with such accurate prediction?

P/S: Robert Pattinson is a lousy singer and he definitely can't sing.


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VanillaSeven said...

Ocean's trilogy are one of my favorite movies too. I like the first movie though :)