Saturday, January 30, 2010

My dye story

So, typically when CNY is coming, people tend to look nice for the new year... I'm one of them. Though, I just dyed during the early December, hell... the color faded off. Bought the wrong brand.

Instead, I got wiser, spend more money on everlasting color. You see, I wanted some bright orange but the lovely hair of mine just refused to eat the color from the previous dye color. Something flaming red, the name of the dye color. it's freaking flame red and nothing happen.

There, I've to dye twice. This time, I got Mary Jane's hair color except darker. Mary Jane from Spiderman.

The color is proudly to be approve by mum. Like I always said, you got to see me live.

I just realize my paternal side has like big big eye bags, even grandma. Oh no! Besides, majority of us owns faces with long shape.

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