Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ahhh choooo!!!!

Shocking news!

Google in China has stop operating yesterday and that's due to the freedom of access internet issue in China. Google is one of the best organizations to work in (no boring cubicles and formal attires)... that's sad. There goes the golden ticket...

I'm under the state of 'on the way to drunk' and sick. Sore throat had been a pain in the throat for like 3 fucking days. While they say avoid foods such as cold stuff, sweet stuff, fried stuff, spicy stuff and chickens. I was too stubborn to avoid food like ice creams, sambal, chocolates and most of all ice creams.

I can't tolerate the absence of ice creams when I'm craving desperately for it. In the end, I swallowed numerous of lozenges... Strepsils. At least, it gave me the chances to try different flavours of the lozenges. Haha... and it's not cheap ok.

Secondly, I was attacked by flu in the evening and I couldn't find the reason to the flu. I've been sneezing... with my mouth closed. Hygiene.

Now, I'm on-my-way-to-drunk because of the wine that my mum and I had bought earlier today. We swept 5 bottles of the wine from the wine shop and the taste is remarkably sweet. Plus, it gets me drunk easier with merely 2 sips. C'mon the alcohol level is like... 13%, there must be something wrong with the label and descriptions. Yet, the wine had cured my flu, temporarily.

Ya know, I think the whole world population is in a relationship. Almost everyone I knew are in a relationship and I felt like a loser or an outcast. Ok la.. outcast sounds appropriate. For heaven's sake, do I really need a boyfriend or I really need it just to be in the game with everyone??? (proposing the question to oneself). There shall be a season of love and a season of breakups. Like some hunting seasons and mating seasons. Cliche.

Dear God of Matchmaker, can I have Jacob Black's personality, love and affection + Brad Pitt's shoulders and voice + Taylor Lautner's abs + Ananda Everingham's look + George Clooney's style + Quentin Tarantino's IQ + Russell Peter's humors + Bill Gate's wealth as my boyfriend?

Haha ... I'm asking too much and the God definitely gonna mark a cross on my list. No one's perfect and I'm just so reluctant to read anymore of finance stuff. Stupid list and suck joke anyways.

This is so fucking irritating, I've been reading tonnes of materials on my research and I couldn't type a shit out of it, even the background. Where the hell is my brain?????

Signing off,

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