Friday, January 22, 2010

Frat Packs

Come, let's guess the movie before I begin with the critics.

Clue1: This movie was banned in M'sia.
Clue2: It's similar to 'I wanna be Model', HK version.
Clue3: Frat Packs are inside.

Baahahaha.. Can you guess?

This movie has serious stupidity but it was rated as fresh by Rotten Tomatoes.

It is none other than Zoolander, which revolves people around the fashion and modeling industry. Plus, the typical myth, 'models are brainless and stay pretty' could somewhat nonsensical.

It's a great comedy movie that provides sufficient stupidity from Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferell.

Why is it stupid?
Everyone knows that playing with the gasoline nozzles are hazardous, don't mention about the spraying the gasoline on humans. Yes, Derek Zoolander's house mates were killed by freak gasoline accident.

Do the models have to stay pretty all the time?
Apparently, the Frat Packs had instilled the concept in everyone of us through out the whole movie.

Why is this movie banned in M'sia?
Initially, Mugatu was charged for child labor and sweatshops in M'sia. Of course, he picked Zoolander, the famous male model to assassinate the PM. The PM is somehow a skinny Chinese man. Now, you tell me, why isn't Malaysia got furious over the bad portrayal? A skinny Chinese man??? How many have you seen are skinny Chinese man? Bahahaha....

Bonus: Numerous of celebrities had made cameos in this movie. Unbelievable.
People like Donald and Melanie Trump, Fred Durst, David Duchovny, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Lenny Kratvitz, Billy Zane and more... really!

I must say, it's a good movie and here's the facts, this movie was screened after the incident 9/11. Watch it if you can stand the wrong facts on M'sia.

Another movie from Frat Packs is 'The Royal Tenenbaums'.

Some might heard before or watched it over Astro. Sorry, parents unsubscribe the channels and we, kids just have to be flexible.

It's a dramedy movie which fixed my eyeballs on the movie. Although there are very few laughs but you can definitely find the humor in it. It's not something like LOL movies, TRT requires sarcasm.

A dysfunctional family I would labeled where the Tenenbaums children are gifted with special talents. Unfortunately, the typical stereotype, geniuses own weird and bizarre habits. Apparently, they do have weird and bizarre habits or disorders.

Chas (the eldest son, Ben Stiller): He's a maths and business genius who developed some obsessions towards his sons' safety.

Margot (the adopted daughter, Gywneth Paltrow): A playwright prodigy, whose good in literature and theater plays. Unfortunately, she prefers to remain mysterious, excessive smoking since 12 and bizarre relationships.

Richie, (the youngest son, Luke Wilson): An extraordinary tennis player whom developed his love feelings to Margot. Drink Bloody Mary with pepper.

There are few more characters with dysfunctional role such as the father of Tenenbaum's children, the boy who lives opposite Tenenbaums had always wanted to become one of them and more.

Great movie if you love sarcasm and not LOL movies. Every scene is climax and exciting, non stop.

P/S: I love Frat Packs

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