Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've got WHERE THE LIGHT IS- JOHN MAYER. Like finally!

The night seems to be a little unmotivated, too much tasks to settle at one time.

Time is the major problem, time is too limited to chase.

My body has been worn out and still sacrificing the pain in front of this Charles Babbage invention.

For the sake of my tasks and works.

Last night, attempt to fall asleep was a nightmare, the process of falling asleep was tormenting mentally.

Results, I fell asleep in the class during the evening but it was a major accomplishment for me to stay put from the early of the day till the departure of dusk.

Early dusk was also almost a tragedy if I hadn't turned on my paranoia.

I cycled up and down the whole neighbourhood to look for my love one.

After all, it's just my paranoia, my love one is fine. That moment had proven my goodness in me and I'm proud of it. Grown up, by bits.

I've been chanting,'the good days are coming, it's a part of process and just bear with it'.

With all my hopes I thrown in, please let it happen.

Sorry if I ever ignore or snap off.

Status: Dilemma.


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