Sunday, January 31, 2010

This late night still want to do open burning meh? Burn day and night beh sian ar??? Motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!

This is so knn lor..

Fuckers out there conducting free open burning, I see police cars roaming up and down but no actions during the morning. This is so sial.

It's been burning from morning until this time around. Yes, motherfucking NIGHT.

Who the hell is lighting up those weeds and bushes this late night?

Ya know what's the most utmost type of burning?

It's when you search around the taman with your freaking car to track down the fire but you see no fire. FUCKING TERROR sial!

I'm not only suffocating from the air I breathe lor, smells like dying and trapping all the cool atmosphere.

Usually, this bloody time around at this time of the year, the air is suppose to be cooling cause it's bloody night.

But noh, the MOTHERFUCKER is so bloody self centered bastard/bitch, burn the whole daytime not enough meh??? Still want to burn during the night??? What the fuck you wanna burn? The whole house or the whole stretch of my area of plants????? You better don't kill my plants lor especially my juniper trees.

TMD, if it's a bitch, that bitch is burning her ex-bastard stuff cause she got cheated. Maybe she's having PMS or menopause. Lao eh!

If bastard, that son of a cow must been suffering car minor damages or maybe it's that bastard. (The recent incident of two bloody bastards beating each other on highway for some tiny damages). Or that bastard kisiao, just accidentally murdered his ex-bitch, burn her corpse and the house.

Lao eh, si enforcers roaming up and down but their 'eyes seems to be hitting bird' (hokkien direct translation). TMD.

If I found out which fucking culprit is doing such irresponsible and unethical, I'm gonna set up some rubbish on fire in front of their porch. TMD.

Or if possible, I burn your plants if you have any. Burn your car as well.

Eh, if you want to burn please la... go somewhere deserted and burn la... there's weak and old people in this area ok.

If it's gomen ar, can I sue ar? No notice on open burning then torment us with the bloody smoke. Where are the enforcers? There's law on illegal open burning and the enforcers are not taking charge. Really fucking useless.

I'm sweating with the highest fan's speed. The horrendous smokes are snowballing in my nose.

Sorry, I've to be this extent beyond my words. To the motherfucking culprits bitches/bastards, diu nia seng!!!!!

Open burning one time enough lar.. why do it so many times a day? What is there to burn???? Your ex pictures??? Your after sex condoms???? Your illegal files???? Your cocaines??? Your heroines??? Your marijuana??? Aiyo, use shredder, flush down the toilet bowl, break it, surrender to the police la or whatever it is you can do it indoor la... Don't take your miseries with us lar, once is enough.

Dahlah, can't turn on air cond cause the smoke is too strong to enter the house. Cipek sial!

I hope you bloody egoistics dream your precious are burning like hell.

Even the fireworks also smell better than your open burning. Next time burn perfume ok!


bo3y said...

lol...tat shows how pissed u r

瑜颖 said...

very. from day and night. what else could i expect more

Jerine said...

Haha...I think the fella burn joss stick lah. CNY coming. Or maybe mosquito coil.