Friday, January 8, 2010

The Last King Of Scotland A+++

This is an A+++ movie and the moment the tyrant appears, I'm drawn to it. By the way, I'm still disturbed by the movie and after you watch it, you will know why. Plus, it's even horrifying than horror movies which the Ugandans are brutally murdered, killed and tortured. The Last King Of Scotland.

I was stunned by Forest Whitaker's portrayal especially his accents. He's an American and his accent is definitely convincing. Apart from that, he had definitely put in the charismatic of president which is why I was drawn to him and not the hot looking James McAvoy. Forest, you rock!!!

If any of you are too ignorant to know who is the Ugandan iron fist man, let me have the honor to tell you. Idi Amin, the non other than the iron fist dictator whom in the end is having paranoia, brutality and xenophobia and having overthrown down from his throne. He died in the exile of Saudi Arabia in year 2003. If Idi Amin is so brutal, imagine Adolf Hitler except 10 times even violence.

Now, people, this is a real true story of Idi Amin but the other leading character, Nicholas Garrigan, played by James McAvoy is a fictional character. The other cast which I hardly recognized until the credits is Gillian Anderson (Scully from X-Files) but she played a minor role.

Let's skip to the lesson part.

Lessons I've learned from here is egoistic. You see, beginning of the movie, James's character is egoistic after Idi Amin look highly on him and made him to be his personal doctor and advisor. He turned down against the English (which he called it English bastard) when they are trying to give him warnings on Idi Amin. He see them as threat which in the end, he desperately needed their help. After all, he's still a youngster.

Second lesson, never mess with someone's wife/husband when their spouse owns a high status and wealth. =)

Sorry, I'm just too sloth to explained the plot for you. Go Wiki and check out the awards. This is a A+++ movie and watch it if you're 18 and above. Heavy nudity is on.


Jerine said...

Oh...heavy nudity... damn kinky.

I feel like watching but I don't like that James McAvoy fella.

瑜颖 said...

Heavy sex scenes is inside too.

James McAvoy is cute what...

瑜颖 said...

Heavy sex scenes is inside too.

James McAvoy is cute what...