Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love the dress up games and I'm not shame of it.

Rate my boredom!

I'm playing dress up games and it's fun! Even my brother loves messing around with it. Unisex game. haha

The models given are mostly in anime form where extremely large eyes and exaggerating hairdos is enough to convince you.

Well, some are cool and some are fun that comes in with different themes.

Just look at my design will do. {Click to enlarge for better view}

My favourite theme is the winter collection dress up. Many choices and selections for mix and match.

Second, it's the princess dress up. Pastel colors and mix and match.

Third, the yukata or kimono dress up. It comes with fireworks display and also... the hairdos are freaking cool.

Fourth, the student dress up. I love the sleeveless khaki cashmere and the sling bag.

Fifth, the Lolita dress up or Gothic look.

Sixth, the Paris fashion dress up. Not much choices though.

Lastly, the Ganguro theme. I thought they should insert more blings blings and outrageous clothes. Sadly, less choices and boring layout.

You may find these games in DeviantArt. Just type dress up games and you will definitely find, not one but many. By the way, all these themes are created by the same designer. Kudos. Sorry, I'm too lazy to post the link.


I'm still at page one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadline is coming towards nearer.


Jerine said...

hey...i play poupee girl and it's just as good as that dressing game. i guess we're two bored soul on the internet.

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