Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Second time, what else is there to burn?

This is the bloody 2nd time of open burning this bloody hot night.

Somehow, it happened for me to discover the culprit. As I was driving the airport way, far across the road I saw a building on construction and a big grey clouds of BLOODY smoke puffing.

My guess: some developers are trying to burn down the remaining trees that used to be forest for their malicious greed of expanding the area.

It's obvious that breezy wind always blow during the beginning of the new year.

Again, it's really suffocating and smokes are trapping the heat. Today is one hell of hot day, what's worst, the open burning from the uncivilized people had adding the temperature.

The fan, again, it's at its highest speed and my body temperature has not cool down to the optimum level, neither the rest of my family.

Wait till I expose the malicious and uncivilized fucking developer. This is unethical, c'mon, second time round and you still wanna burn at night. WHAT IS THERE FOR YOU TO BURN?????

The forest are already almost vanishing. WHAT IS THERE LEFT FOR YOU TO BURN?
Ah long burning illegal porno CDs (burning proofs)? Kalo bleh, buat collection kat rumah la!
Pedophile sobbing while burning child photos before police comes? Aiyo, lain kali buat softcopies la!

Walao, so KNN. Mother nature is so sick, please stop burning.
I won't be surprise if the developer is a hypocrite.

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