Saturday, November 7, 2009

Such funny and humorous production and why the suicide rate is still high- Japan

There are tonnes for me to do, academically, but I just couldn't be bother with one of my favourite sites, YouTube for entertaining myself.

The story begin like this on how my funny bones got funnier...

Once upon a time,
I was stumbling upon a list... and I found a list of videos on funny shits. I was excited and anxious, I quickly played the videos for it to buffer. As I watched I spotted on great and authentic comical and humorous shows by a group of men. Gaki No Tsukai. Judging from the name, I knew it's from Japan and from there I continued watching their shows and game shows. Luckily, those uploaders had uploaded videos with subtitles or else I'll be watching it pretending I understand what they say.
And, I lived happily ever after with those shows... at least for few weeks.

Believe me, Japanese are creative and got great, huge sense of humors. However, there's this fact that leads me to ponder, such talented people yet the suicide rate of the country is consider high or maybe it's the highest. How could the Japanese be so depressed????? Their creativity that they had placed inside the show is astounding and astonishing (from my POV, it means the things that we Malaysians could least think of). Even the Taiwan and HK copied their styles.

Ok, let me put in a couple of videos for you guys. Spot the guy name Endo, he's handsome. Matsumoto and Hamata are just fun people. Yamasaki is brilliant. Tanaka, long and fair face, high patience and tolerance. Total of participants= 5

Three videos should be enough, there are 25 parts... you go on and continue from YouTube. Previously, there are general places to be the theme, such as high school, newspaper agency and so on. But the one I'm presenting you is in a hospital. Serious funny shits. It keeps you laughing and I'm serious. Laugh it all hard, damn!

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