Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to SL

Few hours ago, I was in Tangkak celebrating grandaunt's birthday, 80 years old and still healthy. Longevity. My alcohol consumption is excessively heavy. I drink more than I eat. Sorry peeps, no pictures taken, it's my grandaunt. Not my grandma. Initially, I felt reluctant to shift my ass to mum's car today as tonnes of assignments to be done but instinct says go. So, I decided to go then without proper attire. I just hope my efforts on those shitty donkey jobs are worth.

Coincidentally, there are another 2 persons that has the same birthday as my grandaunt. SL and Susu. Apparently, Susu is probably celebrating her birthday grandly in US and having loads of fun.

Here's SL's pre birthday celebration.

I was assuming more people to the celebration and two went back due to the long holidays. So, there were a total of 6 people attended. Look at the photos for the whole team.

The girls scammed her for shopping and without seemingly acknowledging her about her celebration. So, we walked and walked around in DP and to be honest, no shopping mood on me. Celebration and convincing her it's just a shopping is all that circles in my head.

Photo session with the Birthday Girl. SL. In case you are wondering, she's the long hair one.

The girls had some snacks and quick bites just to fill the cravings and tummy. (I was so bloody hungry).

After quite some time, the time has come. We bluffed her that we wanted to have our dinner in the layer cake cafe but only Berry and me were looking for the guys. Callings and squinting our eyes to look in the dark at the field for the guys are tough job. Again, we scammed her to the field just to go across the other side.

Ta da... cake's candle were lighting so brightly and the glee of joy on her face were obvious and touching moment. You know the ritual... Stupidly, none of us took pictures of her and the cake. Hahaha.... Thanks to her boyfriend for such surprise. It's sweet to watch both of them.

Here comes the one million dollar question, 'Where to eat?' This particular question does really frustrate me each time when everything is undecided. Let me reveal the truth, originally, it was Bert's Garden in Klebang but due to darkness, creepy stories and donkey jobs, FAILED. Secondly, Harper's restaurant, tight financial this month for everyone and not much people know that place either, FAILED. (That is also a very romantic place). Thirdly, Jerry wanted the Korean Restaurant so much but birthday girl's request, FAILED. Lastly, birthday girl's request, Carry On barbecue and steamboat. PASSED. See, the one million dollar question.

I heard that place before but had never step a foot there or somewhere that area. It's located near to Pure Bar, FYI. Pure Bar kenal lor.. but such place don't know... party beast. Anyways, I was curious on Pure Bar so decided to look at it from the outside. The moment I looked at it, I hated it. Just hate it.

Everyone crawled upstairs to Carry On. My oh my, I've got lots of complaints to do on the layout of the restaurant. Definitely not a safe place to eat. Air conditioned room with smoky barbecue and no air ventilation. It's so cramp that for once, I thought that the restaurant owner is discriminating the fat people. It's dangerous to eat there too... as if gas explosion, no way out. No emergency doors, windows are tightly sealed, small spaces to even walk. I barely move that's because I was sitting inside. MMU students are everywhere and that's some place I try to avoid. Haha... but where's the hygiene and safety inspectors???? Overrated place I think, that's because it's affordable and highly recommended by MMU students. I wouldn't recommend it but due to the price, that's where I say, 'you short on money? let's go there and pray that we eat safely'.
Barbecue and steamboat's ingredients are just usual but more varieties and fresher. I got oil burnt while eating and there was a slight explosion of the food when water drips down to the foil. See, no place to run and just by avoiding it, it's too cramp there. But, all I ever did was barbecue and very little on steamboat. I love to see how my food got cook. Haha... Too busy to eat, no photos on food. Dangerous.

The celebrator team.

After an hour, I was the first one to leave. Out the whole day, I'm finally tired and exhausted.

My wish for the birthday girl:

Happy 20th BIRTHDAY. May you be happy always.

Now, no time for assignments, sleep is even important. What a reason.


shiehlee said...

thank you dan^^ muacksss

Dani- Elle said...

you're so welcome... as long as you are happy