Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gossip Girls is teaching bad stuff to kids

I need to officially declare that I know how to improve my EQ which I learn within 30 seconds. Super duper fast right?

Why waste saliva on talking when no one's listening?
Simple answer. We just need to talk for every reason.

Conserve energy for better things to do. Talking and blaming among each other is only wasting time and putting rocks on the sinking ship.

After watching Gossip Girls for two episodes on two different seasons, all those bitches and bastards got nothing best to do but acting like bitches and bastards. So pathetic. I must say this show only influence brats to spoil brats. Rich bastards and bitches, money, sex and power. I just don't understand why girls are attach to this stupid drama? The bitches just couldn't respect each other's privacy and I understand girls do gossip and me too, but not to the extent of harassing each individual's privacy. I bet those bitches in the drama are bimbos.

Pushing Daisies' plots are even way better than Gossip Girls. At least baking pies seems to be even ethical.

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