Thursday, November 12, 2009

Karma got me back and it ain't any fool

This is so ridiculous, I've got 2 midterms next week, rushing assignment (I miscalculated the timing) and tonnes of things to do yet my Google Chrome is filled with unwanted websites. My eyelids want to shut the eyes so much till I've got to slap myself to be awake. How pathetic. I turn to blog instead...

Let's see...

I've got companies' annual reports to read.

I've got notes to jot down. (I don't print it out these days)

I've got assignments awaiting for me to be done.

Despite, my cruelty on tormenting people (mentally), now Karma has come back. It's my turn to be feel torture on stress. Oh karma... I'll turn it into eustress. How's 'bout that?


Buddha says Don't waste food

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