Monday, November 2, 2009

33 Funny Exam Answers

Funnily, I took out my newly bought textbook to... highlight key terms as I don't print notes for this semester. (Saving papers). Dad came home with three packs of Wan Tan Mee, so the whole family dig it. After finishing the noodles, I came here again. AGAIN. I just left this table ten minutes ago and I came here unconsciously. That's zombie-ish.

Anyways, I came here to read funny shits again, useless facts, tips and tricks which is completely useless. But for all of the reason, I just want to have a good laugh. Nope, no Russell Peters today, videos of R.Peters in latest comedy stand up seems to be removed already. How mad. Thus, I stumble the web somewhere else and it's funny shit like hell.

Suddenly, I'm missing MJ and thanks to LIFE, I'm able to view the rare pictures of him.

Ok, I don't really like to share cool websites with you people but just for once. I read 'many of them' and you explore the 'many of them'.

Now, back to boredom. Awaiting for the time to play Little Big Planet. Trying to refrain myself from computer games

At the mean time, funny boneS.

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