Sunday, November 15, 2009

I can't believe my mum said these to me.

Mum popped a very odd and peculiar statement which I think it's cool.

I was settling down the sofa holding a purple color body cream container, then she stared at my hair.

"Your current hair is just beautiful and the length is just nice. You maintain your current hairstyle. Later on, dye this purple color and you look cool."

The color purple of the container. But I wish I could find metallic purple.

I can't believe she said that and I've to rewind her words numeral times in my shocking brain. Purple! The purple color body cream container... what made her thought of that? I thought she agreed with orange and she commented on purple. But the first line kept me flattered as I really do love my hair and I always love my hair.

Now, she's tempting me with purple but I like the orange hype.

There are reasons why I choose orange and there are also reasons why I reject purple. Both of the colors are good. Still, if you are expecting to see my hair dye the coming days.... I shall say not so soon.

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