Monday, November 23, 2009

People, my blog is still moving.

Just done partially of my assignments and part of my brain cells just went kaput. Plus, long hours of staring the monitor is really nothing but hurting my eyes. I don't want to wear glasses.

I went stumbling on my friends' blog, there's this section where their friends' blog updates can be seen. So, I scrolled down to look at mine, Holy Shmoly, my timeline was still a week ago. It seems like my blog had been paused for a week... well, to them. But, my blog is still alive and it has already updated. The one-week-ago-post was about Lady Gaga and Hello Kitty. Aargh... hell no. Readers, if you've keep following me, I express my gratitude for concerning my blog and do keep on reading. Your the man!

To all girls out there, I've bring some good news to you people. Pretty clothes and affordable, extremely cheap! Every piece of garment costs only RM25. Yeah, RM 25... dresses, prom dresses, t-shirts and so on. RM 25 ONLY!!!!!! Where can you find such extremely good price for clothes? If you're wondering are they second hand, sorry to say, they are all 1st hand. Yes, first hand with such good price.

Oh wait, there's more... they have Crocs, Coach's bag and more to come.

Girls out there,

Visit this link

Believe me, you'll find something that you like there.

Guys, if you're reading this, don't worry, they have computer hardwares too. But, they are definitely not RM 25. But worth to visit, who knew when you browse, you see something you might like. :)