Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1 rant and few colorful ecstatic emotions

Fatigue, lethargic and tired. These are the only three words that's circling round my mind. Despite, the whole day in the campus (from morning to night), the fatigue feeling has surfaced. My intentions of going online for academic purpose had turned into some rants and entertainments. I need discipline. The whole day, I've to go through all sorts of shitty emotions.

Morning: I'm worried and anxious over the bloody shit actions that I did yesterday. The stupidest action ever and I was embarrassed by myself.

Noon: I was ecstatic and over joy but at the same time, my foot's bruise is paining. You see, yesterday, I had a 'kungfu' stances show hand with my brother and he cheated. He stepped my foot thrice. I was laughing for pain. Back to the story, I was over joyed cause I solved a big issue and I spread my joy around.

Evening: Ecstatic too but just don't know why. The whole time, I was laughing of Russell Peter's Indian accent on 'Mind blasting'. Funny shits. People on the walkway must been thinking that I'm crazy. Besides, computer lab partner of the day.

Night: Wasn't really ecstatic anymore but I was so clumsy. Now I'm wondering how many objects I've knock it down. Well, my ass is big.

This whole 'girls-shouldn't-swear' issue really bugs me. What is the fucking wrong with girls' swearing??? I talked to so many guys and the moment I swear, they lecture me like some grandfather's story. Even my grandpa doesn't lecture me this way. You males are gender bias. You males are the fucking most discriminative person. Don't deny you cina ah pek. Don't act as if you've got the authorities. Except for Jon. He does accept my habit.

I received a sms on the bloody shit appreciation dinner. KFC for appreciation dinner??? I knew it!!!!!!!!! Stupid fucking leader leading the whole event definitely resulting stupid pathetic dry account. I don't think I wanna waste my time and hurting my eyes to see and experience that whole stupid fake shit atmosphere. Besides, I'm the underdog and unappreciated. Why waste my bloody time. Don't forget, when I say I hate you, I really hate you. I mean it. Being the typical inactive and anti social girl, I rather sit down and listen to my friends' lecture on bullshits rather than going to hypocrites' craps.

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