Monday, November 2, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and short Monday

Saturday, a day which I regard as Movie Week for that particular week. I spent my wasted time watching useless movies and clips in YouTube instead of doing something useful. Let's see, I watched Wedding Date, Four Weddings and A Funeral, Russell Peters comedy stand up and This Is It. I thought of buffering Love Actually but it takes damn bloody shit long to buffer. I want more old movies.

MJ's This is It, was awesome and as usual, the cinema theater's surround sound is superb and of course I do enjoy. I thought of watching it again. Maybe on the last day of screening. I need MJ's fans to watch together. I need appreciation on MJ's concert instead of giggles in the cinema. Damn, no lean, no moonwalk, no PYT, no Dangerous, the choreography timing for Thriller is short... but Thriller 3D was fucking awesome.

Sunday, a lazy day. Loiter around the sofas and tv. Seriously, I'm so tired and I don't know how I got those fatigue in me. Instead of doing assignment, I did a short note... literally, 3 more chapters to go. Besides, I got attracted by The Sims, my brother drew my attention to upkeep his family which I ended up as mine. It's a Sunday game and I played so many games till I forgotten to look at the time.


I hate wasting time.

I hate people who spit publicly

I hate people who don't reply my message when I impose question (screw you people)

I hate to wait for male friends. Gentleman please. Even female friends, sometimes. (Ridiculous, at times)

I hate people who waste food for display

I hate cliches

I hate people who complain non stop (my ears explode)

I hate HATE

Will be away for two fucking awesome days

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