Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some stupid shit thoughts

Again, my patience is on challenge, awaiting for photos from Nik's thumb drive.

So, the blogging mood is back this time but don't expect pictures from me. I have limited patience.

I'm HERE today because I want to spit out my confusions and lost towards everything. Nah, I don't think expressing here is really fine, I might have stalkers or gossipers tracking my thoughts.

But, I really need someone to listen to my long and unwinding confusions and giving me advice that I really want to listen. bahaha... sounds obnoxious. I just need someone to understand about my whine. At times, I wish we are fated to.... but coincidentally, we have so much in common to bump by accidents, yet, few sentences came from our mouth but we do understand each other. Sometimes, our characteristics reflected through each other.

Oh, I couldn't believe I was actually soft spoken in front of Meera's interview today. Haha... Babe, sorry la... cause... malu wei. hahaha. Somehow, I think my words are getting deteriorating, odd?

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