Thursday, April 22, 2010

My guilty pleasure for the weekends

There was once I got nagged by my younger brother.

"Stupid you, You have the best gaming facility here and you don't know how to amaze, appreciate, admire and awe it. Instead, you're there acting as if nothing happens."

Yeah, I admit I was blindsided all the while with all these small and tiny games in the computer... like Bejeweled Blitz, I am an avid player for this game. I couldn't help but to ignore the amazing console. Maybe I wasn't geek enough, maybe I don't have the sufficient time to pay attention like my brother always did... almost everyday. This year and coming soon shall be his first year anniversary.

Goddamn it! Previously, I have neglected my games and then I don't have the time to play it, thanks to Fuck Your Project. Now, I've to face finals and at the mean time, I don't want to waste my time sitting in front of the PC stalking in FB! Thus, let the game begins!

This Saturday... my date with games in the late night or early morning.

PlayStation 3, I'm coming! He owned the white one.

I'm a bad console player. Seriously, I've problem with fingers coordinations and navigations and my character always die.

Wee... Therefore, thou shall not waste time and guilt for my next guilty pleasure.

LBP and MGS, I'm coming.

My brother was right... PS 3 is way much cooler!

This song is making me feeling sexy and special.

Like what Nisak said... his voice is so seductive, Like what Meera said... the song is so sexay... Like what I said... I felt so special. It's like you're on your sexay night gown laying down on the bed [full stop] If you read the lyrics... it does makes you feel special and wanted after all. I can sense that the singer or the composer has add in tonnes of emotions and feelings cause I can feel it! Besides, I'm the Wonder Woman, who's my Mr. Fantastic? hahahaha


chris_lim said...

woot, PS3!! Im missing out on it.

瑜颖 said...

u should spend time with it, if you have one.