Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of earphones and annoy

I've not returned to the library for ages and there're lots of new faces. I used to love hanging out there back then but now, I sort of dislike it. That's because the library is full and I don't have a personal space on my own... well... it's getting crowded and when library is suppose to be a quiet and serene place. Nevertheless, those monkeys just couldn't keep their volume down.

This noon I was so fucking fed up and tired, what's more when my personal space had been intruded with all the noises. I really got fucking annoyed but I was helpless, cause my earphones are somewhere in the dump already. Now, I really hate going to the noisy library without my earphones. At least, a piece of mind la...

Although Sony Erricsson is unique but it's overly unique till I've to get an earphone with a plug that matches with SE's portal. Goodamn it! Now, I have to reconsider whether to get an earphone to match SE or some limited edition and uber cool one. My songs are all in SE and I'm too poor to get an Apple.

Been eyeing on Philips earphones cause I love their metallic blue.

Saw this colorful packaging in Singapore's Hershey's Stores.

Yet, I've to reconsider on SE!

I need earphones badly!


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