Wednesday, April 7, 2010

being ignored? leave them.

When you're being ignored, what's the best thing to avoid the embarrassment?

It's to smile and leave.

Honestly, I've been frequently ignored by some people who were close to me... till I'm so sick and tired of them. I gave away my ears and answered their babbles (shitty conversations, can't believe I'm involved) yet I'm still left alone.

Those when the times I'm naive and innocent.

Now, silence is golden. It's not my choice to be cold hearted for not concerning but it's the last option you have given me.

I understand one of my friends being often misunderstood for her words. In the end, she also chose 'Silence is golden'.

Thus, we created another type of impression to ward off people who are petty to us. Plus, it's to avoid ourselves being predictable, more of like being mystery. Yet, I chose being a little bit cuckoo. Not little but most of the time by laughing for no reason. Laughing provides more oxygen and it feels good to laugh hard.

I mean why do we care so much on what those petty people think? All we care is ourselves and those who are really really really important to us.

Buddha says just do what is ethical

Remember my theory? Everyone is egocentric to a certain limit.

Sigh... FYP= Fuck Your Project!

*I just realized I love to take pictures with my kiss.

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