Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jiwang babi giler \m/

[1] Kepala aku sungguh sakit dan pening!

[2] The line today pissed me off, I'm already down with headaches. SCREAMYX!

[3] Because of the fucking slow line, I couldn't play Bejeweled. TMD.

[4] The library had tortured my mental AGAIN! Luckily, my friend, Jacqueline had earphones with her. I want to so bloody get an earphone ASAP!!!!

[5] What I want today did not came true but was satisfied and relieved for my eyes.

[6] I just couldn't sit still to study for my upcoming finals. FUCK!

[7] I did learned some bad words these few days. Diu.

[8] I WANT to watch movies!

[9] I thank GOD for making me happy by realizing my tiny dreams temporarily but can I have it FOREVER?

[10] Mum: Both of your 17 years old cousins have boyfriends but you don't have.
Me: So what?

*Deep down in the heart, I do care after all.

[11] Pimples are residing on my forehead and cheeks. Nabeh!

[12] I want to scream and shout!!!

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