Monday, April 19, 2010

The Golden Revolution 2010: I dunno what else title 2 I shud give

Part 2 is here... while everyone is probably struggling to finish their FYP, trying to stay awake for FYP or sleeping. I just finish and I'm free to blog here. Suddenly, I'm craving for Battle Studies- John Mayer, so emo sial... but I still love it! I've got class at 8am later... Wee.....

The first day of event, 3hours before reaching the venue (8.30am), I had an overnight (more like overdawn) over my team mate's house. I am not quite sure if I was asleep or awake. Barely had winks of sleep yet the hormones were injecting some sort of natural energetic hormones. Instead, we took pictures and did some rehearsal for our presentation to beloved VIP.

Yes, the gold's hidden secret is... *kaching*

A short briefing from our leader before the event officially begins!

Our VIP is somehow associate with the Islamic OSK finance with high ranking post.

Thanks to sayangs for coming and visiting, tho, some unfortunate event occurred on Meera.

My work! Financial crisis 2008 and also (not shown here) the Asian Financial crisis 1997

Day 2: A lil bit relax and had more fun. Unfortunately, little did everyone knew, our division was somehow attracted by two fucking laotikos. Taking advantage on every girl. May their soul burn with hell's grueling fire and their soul could never to reincarnate. Fuck you! People just don't understand how hostile we felt. Overall, there was some inflatable jumping castle... we did went in and play, oh boy, it smells and my first time playing it, I was being unconscious. I was laughing endlessly for no reason. ??? Coloring contest, we had to persuade parents to persuade their children to participate in this coloring contest. Games were canceled last minute... that's where I sulked cause no fun and no climax. Fashion show.. was fun... as in I had fun cheering and shouting, was fucking high that time. By the way, we came extra early cause we were told to have rehearsal for closing ceremony and when the time comes, fuck! No one told us it was canceled and we had to be posers.

The jumping castle. Just for kids

Coloring contest, there are talented children there and their masterpiece.. wonderful!

Hui Lu, Yap and Jun Siang

Shy Yi posing with mineral water accompanied by lengzais.

Was being abused...

If you notice the globe, the sea is filled with words like inflation, crisis, bankruptcy and so on. While the land is covered with paper monies! Hell yeah! Good work by art and deco division.

Kiss the gold and silver!

Whatever you would like to imagine it as...

Nik calls it the living art.

Balloons were everywhere but me hate pink.

Dah... so tired.

We had plasma tv for our event... not for prize giving but to replace projector.

The end of fashion show

The division leaders.

All of us!


Lastly, this event is all about creating awareness to the public about how gold can hedge all the fucking shit crisis and inflation. Being in Technical Information division, I did learned a lot of stuff about Dinar and Dirham and learn about psychology. =)

Alright... Night.

I want to watch Transformers again. hahaha...

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