Monday, April 26, 2010

A conversation that I would most be happy to avoid among aunties

If there's one thing to avoid on conversation topics, it's best to avoid aunties talk, especially on [pak tor stuff] love relationship.

Look, it wasn't a purpose to avoid this topic, in fact, I find it interesting at times but I hate it while they were chatting and suddenly, their eyesights were glaring at me! It's irritating and pathetic.

All these annoyance made myself felt pathetic as 17 years old teenage girls are into all these relationships while those aunties start shooting their eyesights on me. [What do you expect when I am the only unmarried among the aunties?]. As I tried walking away, their eyeballs will never let go of me and I'm just gonna pretend not knowing anything.

The flow of the conversation is like this:

1. who and who's teenage/early adulthood daughters are in a relationship with tom, dick and harry.

2. a demographic background of the tom, dick and harry like who and who's son, brief description of the residence, the age and etc etc.

3. the education background comparison of the girl and boy.

4. the working background comparison of the girl and boy. (if they do have)

5. their behavior and habits of dating

6. a slight history of how they met

7. [THE MAIN POINT] the wealth background of the male

8. the male's father's job, usually from what i always heard... ah long, some rich businessmen and not so high prolific job but has the ability to generate money legally.

9. how long have they been together

10. aunties starting to quote those how their destiny has been decided by the fate or they will keep repeating the same phrase, ' she has good fate, some might have it and some might not'. [Try translate in Hokkien]

11. *it's where I start walking away* *chats are still there*

I'm just in my early 20s... imagine in the mid 20s, if they still question me such thing... God knows what will I answer back. That's where the irritations become stress.

I'm just relieved that those aunties did not emphasized the wealth background of the boy is VITAL while looking for relationship. If it ever come true, we would mostly like to call it as FAMILY AFFAIRS in the future.

Case close [full stop]

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