Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Golden Revolution 2010: I dunno what else title I shud give

(The whole class for this subject)

I was suppose to blog about the Golden Revolution event but due to the long wait from Nik, I had to further delay this post. The whole process made me realized... nah, not gonna describe all the sweet cliches of the aftermath. You know it after all.. just like those inspiring sports movie.. yada yada yada.

But, what I'm about to show you are the footage of how much we fun we had in the process of getting this whole event done as fine as possible.

Before I get it moving on, I just wanna say that my team and I did most of the donkey jobs yet as we all know... people hardly appreciate our hardships. Thus, just like what Datuk Vinod said.. you can say any fuck you want but it does not giving me hard times. The only person that matters are the ones that we care!

Our lecturer, at times, gave us a pain in the ass. Other divisions as well... gave us so much pain in the ass! But, it was a sweet victory! We manage to conquer!

This is the pre- Golden Revolution. Credits to Nik for her photos and the whole team for being a fun one. Literally, my team... Technical Information should be only providing information and those things that bored you... unfortunately, I think we have probably mastered the skill of sponsorship, photoshop, negotiation, creative, arts, presenting and hell lotsa more.

Ok, thou shall spout less and begin uploading pictures!

Nik's 'perfect' circle

Introducing my team mates... from Technical Information. We are actually posing with our exhibition's banners (whatever you call it). That 'banner' cost us RM90 per piece and try multiply it with 10!

Minyi and Hui Lu

Aliaa, Shy Yi, Chin Ying (our leader) and Naddiah

Shirley, Pei Ching, Suet Li and Noel

Jun Siang, Yap, Boey and Hong

A guy from Yemen, haha... his name is Salem

Nik and I


Photos below were 3 days before the event. The preparation that needed to be done!

(Kids, I know my scissor pose is edgy but please do not try this at home. For 18 and above ONLY)

The chocolate coins!

It's suppose to be decoration

( Wrapping golds)

Posers with their mugshots and proud too!

It's a new trend, Sun Goku's hairstyle! That last picture... I'm speechless

+ =

On the night before the event itself, which is 2/4/2010.. the whole team spent a night in Dataran Pahlawan... with other divisions as well. Fuyoh! That's where my excitement begins and at one point I got so high that I kept repeating the same song all over again. Nik found me annoying as well... blame it to the tea I had taken in Old Town. I shouldn't take tea at night but I need caffeine desperately. Yet, a night in a shopping mall is super duper fun! Though for those freaking 3 days we didn't manage to go shopping, we were so sick of that mall at one point. Initially, my friend told me that we are able to finish by 2am.. but I just couldn't figure out till now.. what made us drag till 4 something in the freaking morning!

All of us were in McD awaiting for 10pm (the only time we were allowed to enter the mall to setup stuff)

Work begins at 10pm!

I'm not quite sure if these pictures below were taken after our work or what. Us and our official tags!

Introducing other divisions as well! (Those were there quite unusual late as well)

Art and Decoration division! *clap clap*

Special Task division *cheers*

Jacqueline and me!!!

Our team's masterpiece!

Art and Deco's artwork!

Part 2 is coming soon!

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