Monday, April 12, 2010

Heartbreak Warfare

It's an honor to reward thyself for some major accomplishment but if only the accomplishment is a success under everyone's nose.

So, previously, I abbreviated the FYP as Fuck Your Project, well, though it's harsh but it's the truth. Oh come on, I know you want to use the F word upon this project. Go ahead. But, I rather blame myself for poor time management and plenty of procrastinationsssss...

Anyways, thanks to Jon for accompanying me to get high while I was halfway completing this project. Well, he got high too so that makes us tie.

Bah... Jon thinks I'm infatuated but I'm still living in deny. *Sigh*. Human thoughts are complex in nature; thus, I'm sometimes odd and ridiculous in nature. Though, stupidity is always there but I don't think there's anyone can curb my stupidity.

Okay, my time is up. Back to work. I'm like 80% done! Weeeee

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