Saturday, April 17, 2010

CB motorcyclists

It's been days I've not rant, thanks to {F}uck {Y}our {P}roject, certain sufferers abbreviated it as (F)uck (Y)our (P)roject and [F]inal [Y]ear [P]unishment... still... I love the one I came up with cause I'm lost. So far, I thought editing would be a kacang putih job, in the end, it's a sial task with numerous misplaced alignments, capitalizations and shit stuff. My godfather said I'm a runaway soldier which is sort of true cause I'm always missing or he's probably thinking I'm running away from my responsibilities.. this is not true.

So, my life... for once, I want to achieve something to make myself proud, unfortunately, my hardships and efforts somehow couldn't perform well in any other way. Thus, I told myself... to live the way I want it!

Few days ago, I was considering to delete and start a new blog again. You see, whatever I post here could have offended anyone but then to think back again... this is my fucking blog, I rant and bitch who I like, if you have not offend me, I would have not bitch behind your back.

Anyways, yesterday, while I was driving and there are two CB motorcyclists took down the whole 4km stretch to themselves while cars behind were forming the jam! Though there're spaces available but those CB people can't focus on the road when they are chit chatting. Niamah! I'm rushing home and this CB people want to risk their lives. TL! This is why I fucking hate motorcyclists especially the fat ones. Even though, motorcycles are so small and petite but when it's their turn to showtime on the road.. they are mathafucking shit hazardous especially the monkey rempits.

Few hours later, another two big vehicles... one is the stupid lorry and the other one is the obnoxious bus. Sibeh TL. The bus driver is a professional driver who seems to be professional in takeovers and the other one is stupid lorry keep getting near to my car. I'm too terrified to go near to these big big big bus and lorry. It's scaring the hell out of me!

Speaking of automobiles, I dreamed of Autobots and Decepticons... you guess it, Transformers. I was watching the sequel last night... for the first time. Weirdest dream ever. I must admit that the Transformers 2 is a good movie when it comes to the sound effects and the technical 3D but the plot sucks... I felt so childish... stupid scenes which I also understand how that movie got a negative reviews. Yet, I was amazed by the actions part... sadly, too much of Sam instead of other actions from other Autobots.

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