Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A slight brief ___

Few weeks ago, after a long consideration, I decided to take down my blog's link from my FB profile. Call me secretive but it's for the purpose of my privacy which I wouldn't want my relatives in FB to discover overly much about my personal stuff into details.

Sounds depress or evil?

But, its the only way to avoid unwanted long winding gossips that would eventually lead to misunderstandings and shitty stuff. Sadly, I don't think there aren't much clicks to my page anymore. Nah, I don't really care anymore cause I blog when I feel like it. I express when I feel like it. It's my fucking blog anyways, I don't really need much audiences to understand the shoes that I'm wearing in.

My posted link can only be found in MSN. So, those who has it then you've another pleasure time of reading this blog. I wouldn't call my blog wonderful or interesting (I'm too sloth to insert pictures) but rather surreal as it depicts my expressions.

If you ever wonder how's my daily life?

I must say sometimes it's the same old boring routine> school, home, assignments

Sometimes, it's an impromptu of everything filled with joys> jiwang in some pizza place, searching for best food in town

Sometimes, it's some sick fuck up day> sudden changes of works

Sometimes, it's another bland day> speechless towards the routine

Sometimes, life is just so wonderful when you receive what you desire for.

Overall, life is just awesome, it depends how you view your glass.

*This post is just another post of slight brief introduction*

#May my thoughts are just short and simple. No more complex thoughts, please! It has nothing to do with me.


Jerine said...

I always have weird people adding me on FB. Damn weirdo. That's why I never put FB batch on my blog.

瑜颖 said...

haiz... bt is to avoid misunderstanding from my relatives