Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today my mind said...

#I wanna thank my colleague for accompanying me to accomplish my project. Thank you! Without her, I couldn't find my courage to continue this whole thing.

#Lately, I found my mouth has turned to less potty and I miss my old me.

#I've no fond of bragging for good or bad to the public cause you will not understand what the fuck am I conveying, which I rather tape my mouth in suffocation than being humiliate.

#I can wear jeans, skirts, dresses to work without worrying about informality. I'm allow to be casual.

#I also learn a new and interesting job and I thank that man to explain though he was in the midst of his business.

#I've been asked how many banks does Malaysia has? My answer: I don't know. Straightforward. I'm not bloody interested in banks that's similar to ah longs!

#I'm being use to be ignored and already immune. Call me lone ranger.

#Try staying out of everyone's affairs and businesses, it lead you to no good and shits.

#This week has finally written my affair with sotong and kangkung.

#Definitely need to learn the art of talking cock.

#Recently, I'm resenting my hatred towards those who draw conclusions swiftly without understanding the real situations.

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