Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paradise Kiss

*Sweep sweep* *dust dust*...

It's probably growing spider's cobwebs. Anyhow, I wasn't pretty busy nor pretty free but rather not in the blogging mood.

Exactly a week ago, I mentioned that I hate that bloody phrase 爱情是力量 which is completely cocks and bulls to me. How ridiculous, if love is everything, try survive without your energy sources, FOOD. Bah! Bullshit. Besides, how much energy are you gonna get from love, you're for sure gonna get sick and tired by pleasing each other rather than being yourself. This bloody stupid phrase recalled while I was listening to a Chinese song which I over concentrate on the lyrics and mortified. Goosebumps came out and of course, I hated that phrase regardless how much you repeat.


Recently, I stumbled upon some manga and I wanted to read those I've watched before.

[Paradise Kiss]

While I was reading it, I was imagined myself in that story at the same time... Ok.. it's not a crime or sin to picture myself in the story by inserting my soul in the characters. After all, imagination contains of endless boundaries.

After finishing the manga, flashbacks recalled and everything begin to feel bittersweet. I wasn't really saddened by those life I've gone through but rather sobbing over those tiny bits of feelings. So, the real question mingled in my brain throughout the day, was it a lust, desire or genuine?

Goddamn! You should watch that story... Believe me, girls would definitely fall for George, see it for yourself. The girl... is just like any of us. But, I was disappointed with the ending of the anime as it's seems incomplete while the manga... was incomplete also but owns more details. Maybe I'm expecting too much from the conclusions itself. But, how would I end up in the next 10 years to come?

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