Friday, June 4, 2010

Equal Opportunities


When the majority intend to overthrow the futile minority, ass kissing activities are surging to the surface to soothe our dissatisfactions over these years.

Yet, there's no point giving a chance to trust them as it's just a show they have to put on temporarily. In the long term, we still have to undergo all the bullshits that we don't deserve all the while. Don't you find it amusing when they have to please us at times like this? We have more talents that is deserve to expand endlessly than you have.


Ya know, we're not like any typical Japanese girls whom only aim to get married after their high school graduation. There's whole lot more to discover rather than being tied up.

Is it really shameful for a woman whom has surpass the ideal age of marriage still staying single?

Is it a necessity to have children after married? What's the purpose of having children when you knew that your career has to be in the first place?

Is it a disgrace to be an independent woman?

Why can't people respect an elderly woman who is upholding her power but still stay single?

I hate the 'norms' given by the elders here. The world has changed and all genders have equal rights, we don't mean to despise men but all we want is equal opportunities in everything we do. Even Michelle Wie has already in the PGA and LPGA, she can be in the same line with the men. Oprah Winfrey is listed as the highest earning celebrities compare to others and it's a list of men and women. Kathryn Bigelow has proven that even female can dominate the Academy Award. Anita Roddick's lead a successful journey for Body Shop. There are more to list.

I don't understand why women have to bow down to men? Men shouldn't think they are the only dominant brainy mammals in this world, that's ego.

Back those days, women were born to do houseworks, stay loyal to husband and take care of children. Yet, men those days only need to find money for the households, they can even stay unfaithful to the wife which those donkey people are proud of their jerk acts, they call it 'real man'. When a woman is being unfaithful, donkey people are being barbarous and decided to torture her to death. That is how sad for a woman.

Why can't women deserve equal treatment from the public? Even men's mother are women, shouldn't they respect all women equally like how they respect their mothers?

I'm not discriminating men's ability and I admit that they possess stronger abilities than us but what we want is equal treatment from the men. Is it that hard?

I hate the norms set by those elders.

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