Monday, June 7, 2010

maybe i'm still stuck in my comfort circle =(

All of the sudden, the emptiness feeling emerged to the tip of the heart.

I kept browsing and browsing to a list of communicators but I just couldn't pick one to communicate. I couldn't even turn on a communication and I know it will just stop right there [full stop]

Instead, I turn to bunch of reading materials on the line which I've to admit that I'm already being pushed to the end of the road. Yet, I just love the way I'm with a little bit of whine (maybe not little but more).

I wanna go and catch some movies and relax in some coffee house or restaurant. You'll be wondering 'bout shopping, well, I prefer dealing it alone. It's just some peace I'm dealing with myself while shopping.

Today, I'm so bored to the extreme of playing SUDOKU. FML.

When the Clockwatching- J. Mraz hit the climax of the song, I felt like crying. Tears of mixed (joy + sadness)

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