Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain just lost the first match

Those who aren't keen to watch football all the time should learn to watch once every FOUR years. Minutes ago, I read a news whereby a girl committed suicide because her boyfriend is having deeply attach affair with FIFA.

Oh fuck, why have to throw life away just for a guy? You can engage yourself more with activities that you long to do such as shopping, swipe his credit cards, go flirting and so much more. At least, your man is having affair with FIFA not woman. Why so silly to put your importance on him? FIFA only ma, the most it ends within a month. It's really fun to watch FIFA, can gamble also ma. Spend his money to let him feel the pinch if he keeps on neglecting his girlfriend.

Frustrations: Wanting to do my reports but I'm so reluctant to do it. It really sucks big time. Switzerland just scored one goal during the second half. Spain, what the fuck are you doing? Sometimes, I am not decisive enough to lead my life.

I'm unofficially changing department but it is boring. Boring deep shit.

I'm a big fan of Portugal! Uno duo tres! But, it is so fucking pissed after I knew that C.Ronaldo is the bloody fucking leader for his country. I wish Scolari is back to lead the team firmly and Figo too.

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