Monday, June 28, 2010

I took pictures with Simao :love:

I took pictures with the stars. Only 3 though. Sadly, I don't think there's people know who's Simao. Adidas had finally approved him for sponsorship.

Simao Sabrosa.

Lionel 'Leo' Messi

David Villa

What's even important is that I'm a big and loyal fan to Portugal!

This spot here suppose belong to Spain.


For once, I refuse to eat chicken due to the offensive smell of slaughter in the market and kitchen. No, it's not about how KFC treated their chicken before frying them, it's the smell of clones and artificial hormones injections. Apparently, KFC is giving away football posters and that's the one I'm looking for and I only want the freaking poster not quoting 'finger licking good'!

*the poster looks exactly like the billboard except they deleted Fernando Torres*

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