Sunday, June 6, 2010

Of course you can't tell that I'm ecstatic coz you don't know.

Current New Addi[c]tion Playlist

  • Clockwatching- Jason Mraz (sounds like my fun moments)
  • Bella Luna- J. Mraz (the moon is beautiful)
  • No Stopping Us- J. Mraz (I have more than what you think)
  • Absolutely Zero- J. Mraz (I want more zeros in my bank account)
  • Lonely In Gorgeous- Paradise Kiss OST (Being lonely can be gorgeous at times.. fuck)
  • Everything you Want- Vertical Horizon (It could be 'you' that's in front of my eyes)
  • Automatic- Tokio Hotel (emotional rhythm)
  • Jenny- Click Five (I just replaced it with Danielle)
  • The Light Before We Land- Gunslinger Girl OST (Wave goodbye to Buddha before I land here)
  • Waltz- Suneohair (One day.. just one day)
  • Fluorescent Adolescent- Artic Monkeys (those days had over)
  • Details in the Fabric- J. Mraz and James Morrison (Know your name and find the way)
  • Do you wanna- Franz Ferdinand (Not sure if I know what I want)
Can you tell that I'm ecstatic????

Lady Dreamer, you might be the soundest sleeper,
Tonight sleep tight and build your nest upon my shoulder.