Friday, June 25, 2010


Inspirations at it's lost. Blergh, don't ask how it happen, it happens to *poof*

Few days ago, I bought a dress for XX and I did use Pos Laju. "Besok Kirim, Hari Ini Sampai"- Samy Vellu. How the hell did he even think of that first?

Everyday, I would use the same route to work just to see this billboard.

I'm not insane but preferably dreamy. Just to see Messi, Kaka, Torres and that blonde guy. Hee... Even my colleagues admit he's so adorable.



rachel said...

oh! THAT'S the poster??? hahahaha... too bad its gone

瑜颖 said...

what else... are you gonna have kfc? i want the poster so bloody much. can?