Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jammed in the brain

In the midst of getting started for Chapter 2 for FYP. My brain jammed in Chapter 1, that's editing only.

The boy is Satu biji, the little girl is Little Jade. I like the last picture, all red. Apparently, they don't need jackets. Wah.. I lost sial!

Anyways, wanting to upload few pics on my impromptu Genting's trip last Friday. But the bloody PC is having problem. It keeps restarting the whole PC itself. Fuck!
Yeah, riding Mercedes all the way to Genting. Plus, sleeping on the couch for five hours is just adding on the fun. Not to forget, I entered casino with the legal look at 5am, watching my grandpa betting with his persistence and determinants, after all, Lady Luck was with him all the time. Two annoying kiddos are breaking my tolerance whilst they broke our policies. Eating ice- cream midnight. Caffeine did not help me the next day. I didn't manage to place bets, mind only wants more sleeps. In the end, how hard can that be.. playing with two kiddos when I run out of energy.

Suddenly, I have so many things to say and talk to my friend. Merely a glance and I'm already missing that friend. Oh wow... glad to see my friend is happy and finally found a good gang to fit in and not being a loner... at least, that is what the surface is telling me. Sadly, I'm just a tiny role in my friend's big circle.

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